Sunday, October 9, 2011

C-2 days and counting

This has been a busy, delightful weekend with fabulous weather.  Yesterday was the 2nd annual Harvest Fest in Stillwater and it drew a big crowd to downtown; traffic was backed up beyond the entrance to Sunnyside all day and into the evening.  There were gigantic pumpkins, food contests, rides, and tons of other stuff to do.  In addition, our good friend Linda Besk was competing in the Pumpkin Boat race against three other local real estate agents--Bob Clark, Thad Rich, and Clark Nyberg.  We know all 4 of them so we had to go watch and it was a hoot!  Linda performed with great style and I was reminded of the Minnesota Lynx vs the Vikings, the Twins, and the Timberwolves, if you get my drift.  =0)  Here's a link with some great photos of the race.  In a few of the photos, you'll see Paradise way in the background and there are also a couple of shots of us as we're coming through under the lift bridge.
Today, Kris, Erin, and Sarah, Katy & her friend Kevin, and Amy & Karen all joined us for a cruise down to Hudson.  There were still quite a few boats on the river.  The kids brought food and we had a great time.  Here's a photo of Amy at the helm on the fly bridge.  I can't wait until I can get back up there.  
We're now connected with Katy, Josie and Amy on Skype, so we'll be able to communicate face-to-face (well, computer-to-computer) when we are on our cruise.  I LOVE technology!
This weekend we said goodbye to most of our friends at Sunnyside Marina; the boaters and staff are all such kind and generous people and we will miss them when we're gone.
I have my last doctor appointment tomorrow with the surgeon and hopefully I'll be given the green light to start putting my full weight on my right leg. 
Captain Phil will be coming on board tomorrow evening so we can get an early start on Tuesday and Kris, Katy, and Amy have all said that they will be coming to the marina to see us off that morning.  Karen said she is going to notify Child Protection that we abandoned our children!  =0) 
I'll let you know tomorrow night how things are progressing.

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