Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I forgot to mention that when we were at the marina in Demopolis, Kel and Hank, our nice neighbors in the slip next to us, brought us boiled peanuts.  They bought them that day from a farm stand and Joe and I had them that evening as an appetizer.  If you've never had them, you gotta try them, they're delicious.  You can easily make them yourself, but you have to use fresh green peanuts in the shell; I'm going to have to work on finding a source.  Paula Deen and Alton Brown (both Southerners) have recipes at
Oh, and I bought grits the other day and I'm going to make them one of these days.
I'm really getting into this whole Southern food thing...but I don't like okra!

We stayed at the marina this morning until West Marine opened so Joe could buy some charts we need for the Gulf coast--don't want to be without charts!  And I wanted to finish catching up with the blog since we had a good internet connection.

This boat, "Irony" pulled out this morning before we did.  She has a steel hull and what a beauty she is.  We didn't get to meet the owners but I sure would love to have a tour.  This afternoon we passed by the marina in the Gulf Shores, AL area where they stopped.
We finally left Dog River at 10:30.  We spent the last two nights tied to this side of the dock in front of that big blue boat on the left side of the photo (English majors may not lecture me on the excessive use of prepositions in that sentence). 

...and we had to dodge fishing boats coming and going and anchored; there must be some good fishing in that river. 

Getting back out into Mobile Bay was a LOT easier than it was coming in; there was very little wind today and we knew where to look for the channel markers.  
Several miles out we saw this structure--what the heck is it?  It looks like someone's house for crying out loud.

Not far from here, we saw dolphins but I couldn't get a photo because they were only out of the water for about a second.

 There were tankers coming in...

...and going out.  Either way, they are pushed by tugs, they don't move under their own power. 

 We saw lots of shrimp boats
Man, I sure hope we get to buy some shrimp right off a boat, that would be so excellent. 

After we reached the Gulf Intracoastal Water Way (GIWW) we saw some nice homes.

We reached Lulu's, the restaurant that belongs to Jimmy Buffett's sister, but we didn't stop because it was getting late and we needed to get to our anchorage before dark. The restaurant is located in a marina and it looked packed as we went by.  We could have pulled Paradise right up to that dock on the right side of the photo.

Even this far south, we're still seeing autumn colors. 

While I was getting this photo (the Ferris wheel was by a marina and a stadium) Joe spotted some more dolphins and I still wasn't fast enough to get photos.

This is our anchorage for the night, we're in a bay off the main channel of the GIWW near Orange Shores, Alabama.  There were a couple of boats already anchored when we arrived, and 2 sailboats came in after dark. 
And this was our Alabama sunset at 4:50 PM.

Right now our plan is to relax tomorrow and stay here until Monday, then continue on at a leisurely pace for another couple of weeks.

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