Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Yesterday, when we were looking for a place to spend two nights, we wanted a quiet anchorage where we wouldn't be disturbed by the big wakes of tows; a place that was scenic. 
The guidebook described this bay as "spectacular".
Well, we really have to agree.

Joe was able to buy a 1-day fishing license online so he went out in the dinghy for a while to try to catch dinner; no luck.

Later he and Phil went out to explore and stretch their legs on land. I stayed on board and sat on the bow in the sunshine reading--in this photo you can just barely see me on the port side in my yellow sweatshirt.

Tomorrow, we'll be crossing the 35th parallel into Mississippi and staying at a marina with a courtesy car that we can use so we'll be able to get groceries and other supplies. 

I may have put too much of a strain on my right leg climbing up to and down from the flybridge yesterday because it was really hurting in the afternoon and evening so I went back to using both crutches and trying to put as little weight as possible on my leg.  Depending on how my leg feels in the morning, I may decide to take advantage of the courtesy car and try to find a clinic to get an x-ray so I can find out if everything is still okay.

In the meantime,


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