Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We hae a low of 68 degrees last night, so we opened portholes in our stateroom and sleeping was pleasant with a nice breeze coming through.  We woke to a mostly sunny sky and thought it would be a good day.

But very soon, dark clouds moved in and rain followed quickly after, so the windows got closed fast! 

Our original plan for today was to move to a new anchorage, but we decided to stay put because neither one of us wanted to be cruising in this weather when we didn't have to.

We took care of some housekeeping and answered a few emails. By afternoon, the sky had mostly cleared up and we had a high of 76 degrees.

As I started dinner, I took the time to capture this sunset.  We had the grouper tonight (fried to perfection, as always, by Joe), with baked potatoes and salad.  YUM!

Then Joe laid a bomb on me--the forecast for tomorrow night is 38 degrees!  And I just put away my sweatshirts today...guess they'll be coming back out.  =0/
Oh well, we're still having fun in Paradise.

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