Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Today is Tuesday, November 1st and I'm catching up on my postings, but the computer crashed, I got mixed up on my photos because Picasa is giving me problems with my photos from Friday.  So I went back and redid the Thursday and Friday posts.  Sorry for any confusion.  =0)

 We woke to fog again so we spent the time reading (Phil and I) or doing sudoku (Joe) until the fog cleared; Lifestyle II got an early start.
The day turned out to be beautiful with a cloudless blue sky and warm sunshine.

This part of the river has some very nice homes on the waterfront. 

 We saw several other boats today.  This one passed us, but we passed it later when it appeared to be grounded on a sandbar.
 This towboat was obviously decommissioned.  Can't imagine why they've got it sitting at a sand quarry, though.
We finally caught up with and passed Lifestyle II; hopefully we'll see them again, but at a marina so I can visit with the owners.
 Another fast boat cruises on by us...
 This house had a lanai with a pool.
This is Appledore V, a 1992 65' two-masted schooner from Bay City, Michigan that goes down to Fort Myers Beach in the winter.  The boat is owned and operated by BaySail, a private, non-profit organization that provides environmental education and youth development programs and finances them through public sails, private charters, group tours, and port visits on Lake Michigan and the Gulf of Mexico.
There wasn't much room to move around on deck and they were moving fairly fast...that was not a leisurely trip for the crew.

We found a quiet anchorage for the night tucked behind an island and enjoyed this sunset. 
Nice, huh?

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