Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day--Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

We woke to blue skies this morning, but the temperature was in the low 50s and the wind was about 10-15 mph for a while.  The wind quieted down after a couple of hours and the temperature climbed to the low 70s so it was a really beautiful day.
I started pumpkin pie at 9:30, got it in the oven, then started mixing the dough for dinner rolls.  By 10:45 the pie was out of the oven, the dough was rising, and I was in the shower.
There was almost no traffic on the river today--I suppose most folks were watching football and getting together with family and friends for dinner.
Our daughters, Katy and Kris, and our two granddaughters, Erin and Sarah, all went to Amy & Karen's apartment for Thanksgiving dinner.  This is the third year that Amy & Karen hosted Thanksgiving for our nuclear family and Amy does a fabulous job.  Thanks to Skype, we were able to connect with and see all of them, and they could see us.  It was so great--I really, really love technology!
We'll talk to Josie in Michigan later this evening after she returns home from her friend's house where she had Thanksgiving dinner.  She's excited to be moving back to Minnesota the middle of next month.

After we finished our visit with our Minnesota family, I got the rest of our dinner going and Joe and I sat down to eat at 3:30. 

We had turkey filets, stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, cranberries, rolls, and a nice pinot noir.  Everything turned out great and we ate till we were stuffed--of course!

We finished off the bottle of wine, then sat out on the aft deck for a while to enjoy the weather.

After the sun went down, the temperature cooled off rapidly so we moved inside and cleaned up the kitchen.
About 6 pm we had pumpkin pie with whipped cream, so I think we're good for the rest of the evening.
Leftovers tomorrow.  =0)

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