Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

 We woke up to heavy fog so we couldn't leave for a couple of hours.  While we waited for the sun to burn off the fog, Joe did sudoku puzzles, and Phil and I read.

 After we finally got going the weather was quite nice.  We followed this 40' trawler, Last Dance, for a while until they turned into a marina along the way.  Perhaps we'll get to meet the Looper owners somewhere along the way.

In case you're wondering how I could possibly know whether any particular boat is doing the Loop, we are members of the Great Loop Cruisers Association, which provides lists to members of other member boats, their owners, and their current Great Loop status--planning, in progress (us), or completed.


My camera just doesn't do justice to the beauty of the river and the scenery.

Phil has taken it upon himself to keep our windows clean so we can see the scenery; here he is cleaning grease spots off the window above the galley stove.
 As we pulled into our anchorage for the night, we passed this lonesome-looking tree.
 We shared the anchorage with Lifestyle II, a 40' Marine Trading trawler (same make as Paradise).  Owners Mike and Denniese Liles took their dinghy to shore so they could walk their dog.  Joe took our dinghy over to meet and chat with them for a while.

Dagnabit, until my leg has healed quite a bit more, I can't climb up and down the ladder to the diving platform so I don't get to take dinghy rides.  =0(

But, it's wonderful to be self-sufficient so we can spend the night in these peaceful anchorages.

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